The Bouddi Coastal Walk is another of the magnificent coastal walks near Sydney that traverses stunning headlands, beaches and coastal bushland.

The track goes between Putty Beach and McMasters on the New South Wales Central Coast.  In total it is approximately 8km long and can be completed in 3-4 hours one way. There are plenty of access points along the way to break the walk into shorter sections if your prefer such as:

– Putty Beach to Maitland Bay (3km)

– Maitland Bay to Little Beach (3.5km)

– Little Beach to MacMasters Beach (1.7km)

The track is well maintained the whole way with sections of bitumen, wooden boards, bush trail, beach and fire trail. For the most part there are plenty of directional signs although in some sections it is hard to tell whether the tracks that fork off to the side are through tracks or dead ends. I ended up taking an unnecessary turn down the 2nd Trail route and having to double back. 

The only downside of the track is that at the time of writing the route did not appear to connect to McMasters beach directly. Shortly after leaving the 2nd Trail I ended up back on the roads with a section on narrow streets back around to the beach.

Overall highly recommended, and also good for a trail run which I did yesterday from Maitland Bay to Copacabana Beach.

More information including a link through to the Google Trek View of the route is available from National Parks and Wildlife.

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